Grade 5 and 7 Scholarships for Melbourne Schools

The school system in Australia provides several possibilities for pupils of all ages. While public schools exist, many families prefer to send their children to independent schools. These schools provide a variety of services and perks, but they are also more expensive. Fortunately, there are a variety of scholarship opportunities available to help families cover the cost of tuition.

We will present an overview of independent school scholarships in Melbourne in this article. We'll go through the many sorts of scholarships available, how to apply, and how to make the most of these possibilities. Begin by investigating the schools in which your child is interested. Examine each school's scholarship offers and qualifying requirements.


Format of the exam

# Some schools administer their own tests with mathematically difficult questions. Other exam providers, such as EduTest and Acer, differ and focus more on short questions that require quick computations and calculations.

# Scanning the paragraphs and answering the questions - Reading comprehension is an important component of the scholarship test. EduTest, in instance, provides a variety of articles or excerpts from renowned stories and asks pupils to read the passage and answer several questions about it. It is recommended that you improve your reading speed and vocabulary, the  as passages can be quite difficult when nearing the end.

# Write an essay within 15 to 30 minutes - EduTest is a timed writing exam in which students create a persuasive or imaginative tale. Students must compose an essay in response to the prompt given to them. It is advised to practise a variety of prompts as well as the capacity to write an essay within the time limit.

# IQ testing - Some schools may provide additional IQ exams to assess students' intelligence.

# Refer to the school's website to find the appropriate exam provider (for example, Edutest, Acer, AAS, or Customised exams).



Australian Mathematics challenge (AMC)

Computational and Algorithmic Thinking (CAT)

Australian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiad (APSMO)

Kangourou sans Frontières (KSF)

Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge

Mensa IQ Tests

UK Mathematics Challenge

EDUTEST Online Practice Tests

ACER Online and downloadable Practice Tests

AAS Online Practice Tests


Exam strategies

# Practice challenging math problems.

# EduTest requires mental math for the shorter problems  that need precision and accuracy.

# Reading and memorisation of words. These are necessary skills for Verbal Reasoning and Reading Comprehension.

# Write at least two essays every week and have them graded by a teacher or guardian.

# Practice IQ-style questions to keep your mind sharp.


Sample Essays








Exam Providers





List of Popular Schools in Melbourne



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