Robocup Junior Australia -Implementing the new challenge tile format in Rescue Line

A number of people have asked about how the new challenge tile rule in Rescue Line will be implemented. To begin, it is not really a new rule. Challenge tiles, tiles competitors have not previously seen, have been a part of the competition for a number of years. Problems occurred when the challenge tile was placed within the course on the way to completing the rescue. A robot that was not able to negotiate the challenge may be unable to achieve a rescue. To avoid this, rather than being part of the course on the way to the rescue, the challenge will be a branch off the course on the way back from the rescue. Since there are no tiles in the standard tile set that provide alternative branch points, the alternate route will be introduced through the rotation of a tile. In order to ensure that the team has programmed the robot to negotiate the challenge, the robot must have some way of indicating when it has completed the challenge. This eliminates the robots that manage to get through th

Junior Science Olympiad Exam (New)

The Junior Science Olympiad Exam is designed to take science students in years 7 to 10 to the next level. The exam is based on general science content (biology, chemistry and physics) and assumes students have a good knowledge of the Australian Curriculum – Science up to a Year 10 level. Some questions in the exam may also involve higher-level content (such as might be encountered by an extended Year 10 student). A range of analysis questions will also be included for which any necessary extra information is provided. The exam is held online, is two hours long, and questions are multiple choice. Students will receive a certificate indicating their grade based on their exam performance. Students that perform exceptionally well, and are eligible, may receive invitations to future science extension programs and activities hosted by Australian Science Innovations.

LEGO EV3 - Double Colour Sensor Line Follower

RoboCup Junior Australia -2018 Two Sensor Line Follower This logic has four steps to complete the programme 1. If both sensors detect White move Forward 2. If  LS1 detects White & LS2 detects Black  turn Right 3. If LS1 detects Black & LS4 detects white turn Left 4. If LS1 & LS2 both detect Black then Stop

LEGO EV3 : Dual Colour Sensors

Detecting the Intersections The color sensors need to set into compare Reflected light intensity 1. As the robot moves from side to side along the line it will stop at an intersection  2. If LS1< LS2  then turn Left 3. If LS1>LS2 then turn Right