Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge - for Free (2024) !

Bebras is a fun and engaging computational thinking challenge for students in Years 3 to 12. It is an international challenge that involves over 2.9 million students from 60 countries. Coding skills are not required to complete the Bebras Challenge. The challenge is open twice a year for three weeks and each round has different questions. Students can participate individually or in teams of up to four. Lithuanian for beaver, Bebras was the name chosen by the founder of the challenge, Professor Valentina Dagiene from the University of Vilnius, in honour of the animal’s collaborative nature and strong work ethic. The Challenge is coordinated by the International Bebras Committee which meets annually to assess potential questions and share resources. Bebras Australia began in 2014 and was delivered by CSIRO until 2023. From 2024, the AMT is delivering the Bebras Challenge in Australia. With support from CSIRO, the AMT will provide the Bebras Challenge free of charge for Australian schools in 2024. Source: AMT

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