UKMT - Junior Mathematical Challenge

A 60 minute, 25 multiple choice Challenge. It encourages mathematical reasoning, precision of thought and fluency to make students think. You can find past paers here for free..

Of Butterflies and Memories

In the midst of a bustling metropolis, one crafted of concrete and steel, a particular maestro would hone his craft atop a sixty floor skyscraper. Perched against the cage iron fences that bounded the highest peak of the city, the maestro would draw on a canvas, one of the few remaining handmade objects within the city itself. From the grey morning glow of an artificial sun until the moment the cold blue street lamps would turn on, the maestro’s right arm carved swift strokes across the canvas, his mind empty bar constant drone to ‘paint from memory’. What he painted was not the cold, cruel and calculating precision that the city was built on, but rather a more human touch, one of nature. The artist’s canvas was filled with a flurry of warm hues, perhaps memories of a world distant from urbanisation. His feeble, slim hands traced a single, monarch butterfly, its deep orange wings fluttering in a verdant, dewy paddock. His artwork bore no mathematical pattern, plan or technical prow

Scotch college Melbourne - Scholarships

A Scotch College scholarship can be a life-changing opportunity. Scholarships have been a consistent part of Scotch College’s history and are a vital ingredient in its continuing diversity and vibrancy. Many past scholarship recipients have gone on to achieve great success, while positively and actively contributing to the wider community. The Scotch College Scholarship Program provides opportunities for talented students who are keen to learn and reach their full potential while contributing to school life, irrespective of the financial circumstances of their families. Scholarship recipients gain access to exceptional academic, co-curricular and service-learning opportunities. Scholarship recipients are awarded reductions in tuition and/or boarding fees for the duration of their time at the school. Varying forms of academic testing underpin the scholarship selection process for most scholarship categories. Read more about the application process here...

ICAS school competitions

ICAS continues to lead the way in international academic competitions. Over 10 million school students from 16,000 schools across 41 countries have been inspired, celebrated and challenged since the annual event began over 40 years ago. ICAS recognises academic performance in a way others celebrate achievements in sport or the arts. Students can sit up to six literacy and STEM papers including English, Mathematics, Science, Digital Technologies, Writing and Spelling Bee. The questions are engaging and fun and have been designed by psychometricians, education measurement experts and experienced teachers to push students to their academic limits, as well as test higher-order thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) -2023

Australia’s largest and longest running maths competition is back for 2023! Available for years 3-12, the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) takes place Wednesday 2 to Friday 4 August. Uniquely designed each year by leading educators and academics, the AMC is designed to challenge and extend your students’ problem-solving skills. Printed paper entries close Friday 14 July and online entries close Tuesday 1 August. Visit the Australian Maths Trust website to sign up today. Check here for the past Exam Papers and Answers.

The Australian Maths Challenge

The Australian Maths Challenge (AMC) is an essential component of Australia's educational system. It gives students a one-of-a-kind and satisfying experience while encouraging them to deepen their comprehension of mathematical subjects and think critically and creatively. It also allows students to cooperate and work together to solve mathematical problems and exhibit their mathematical abilities and expertise. Participation in the AMT also allows children to earn acknowledgement for their accomplishments while also developing their self-esteem and confidence. The AMC is appropriate for pupils in lower elementary to upper secondary. Entrants in years 3-6 are given 60 minutes to answer 30 issues, while those in years 7-12 are given 75 minutes to complete more complicated tasks. Download Free Exam Papers here.... & Check Anwers here ......

International Chemistry Quiz

Prepare for the International Chemistry Quiz by purchasing past papers. Click here...